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Hi, I'm A.J. Uppal

I am a high school entrepreneur and web developer based in the Silicon Valley.

Whether your next project is an online store, website for your business, or a simple brochure, I'll be ready to help!

This is what I do

I provide web design, web development, photography, and graphic design services.

Web Design

All of our websites are carefully designed to ensure maximum performance on any and all platforms.

Web Development

None of our work is done using templates, which means you can customize every last detail of the website.


Our websites are designed to be light yet functional, providing for every need while maintaining speed ease of navigation.

Graphic Design

Using premium color schemes and high quality media we are able to turn your treams from concept to reality.

My Process

Here is an overview of how I approach each new project.


  • Client interview
  • Create custom template


  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development


  • Deploy website
  • Collect UX data


Here are some examples of my work.

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I'd love to hear about your next project! Send me a message and I will see if I can help.

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